Foreign education & work experience

Holders of foreign documents that shows formal education in a particular constructional occupation, combined with two years experience in the same profession, can apply for a Letter of Acknowledgement.

The application fee for a Letter of Acknowledgement is 2 000 SEK (tax not included). Charges apply even if your application is not approved.

You will receive an invoice by mail within a couple of weeks after your application has reached BYN.

Please note that all documents submitted to the application should be in Swedish (Norwegian or Danish) or English. Otherwise, they must be translated by an authorized translator.

A Letter of Acknowledgement is equivalent to a Swedish professional certificate.

Examples of documents that show education is a trade certificate, education certificate/certificates from upper secondary school/adult education journeyman/master craftsman's diploma. For construction professions we require training of at least 500 hours and machine operator at least 200 hours, this must be stated in the certificate. You must also have worked in the profession at least 2 years for the past 10 years.

If you don't have a formal education and/or documentation, but still want to have your skills assessed, you must turn to BYN in your region. They can redirect you to an organization, where you can show your skills, theoretically and practically. The cost of validation may vary and are not paid by BYN.

Information for mobile crane operators

As part of the process to receive a Letter of Acknowledgement for mobile crane operators all applicants need to pass a safety control to proof their knowledge in basics of safety and operation of the mobile crane. The safety control will be performed of an authorized education company provided for mobile crane operator. The cost for the safety control is 22 500 SEK, tax not included (without BYNs administration fee 2 000 SEK, tax not included, for issuing the letter of acknowledgement).

For more information about the safety control and related cost, please contact Byggnadsindustrins Yrkesnämnd.

Please note that applications for mobile crane operators can have a longer processing time due to the safety control.      

Information for scaffolders

Regarding application for a certificate of recognition for scaffolders, the Swedish Building Industry Board of Education (BYN) has currently an ongoing discussion with the trade association and the parties to the collective agreement, regarding the requirements for and control of education and training.  During this process it has been decided that no certificates of recognition for this profession will be issued.


The following documents are to be submitted with the application
1. Applicationform duly filled out and signed. You can download the form to your computer and complete the form before printing it.

2. A copy of the original document (professional certificate/license). In order for BYN to assess your education and/or training, it must be documented.
a) The document in its original language
b) Translated into English or Swedish

3. Copies of proven experience in the profession (employers attest)
a) Employer's attest (or equivalent) in the original language
b) Translated into English or Swedish

4. If you provide a syllabus, or anything that describes the education requested for the certificate, the processing time for handling the application will be much shorter.

Applications should be sent to: BYN, Box 42136, 126 15  Stockholm or in PDF format

For questions, please contact:

Patrycja Lewsza
08 – 564 881 69