Machine- & crane operators in Swedish projects less than 6 months

The partners in the Swedish Construction Industry Training Board (BYN) has decided that machine- and crane operators, working in Swedish projects for a period of 6 months maximum, don't need to follow the full process, applying for "Letter of Acknowledgement". Instead they can apply for an exemption, perform a theoretical test in "Safety and Technology" (in their own language). If they pass the test they can be approved a temporary license.

Note: The employer's is still responsible that drivers with temporary license have knowledge of, and comply with, Health & Safety according to Swedish law.

Applications for exemptions are administered by BYN. The cost of 2 500 SEK including VAT will be billed as soon as the application is registered. Assumptions:

1. The driver must be able to proof by document 2 years of experience in his/her profession in the past 10 years.

2. Proof of work experience must be translated to English or Swedish.

3. Drivers make an "Application for Exemption"

4. Drivers must carry out a test in the "Safety and Technology" and pass. If the driver after the exemption has expired will return to the same or another project in Sweden, the driver must apply for a new exemption for a further period, maximum 6 months. No theoretical test is required within 5 years of the first exemption is issued. An administrative fee of 1250 SEK including VAT will be billed.